Does anyone have a list of all the "Talking" Elements?


There have been several really cool “talking” elements like Jason Bulman’s Priest of Razmir or Matt Mercer’s characters but there’s also the ones like “Tiamat Taunts” & “Barzillai Taunts”. These elements that have actual words spoken rather than just sounds/grunts. I want to use some of these but I can’t figure out how to easily search/filter them. It doesn’t seem like there’s a “talk” or “Speaking” tag that I can find. I’ve tried searching both in the campain search area as well as in the Element’s Library in the Online Player and while I can stumble across some by searching things like “Taunt” it’s really hit and miss.

Thanks for the help and the great product.


@dandc0711 We are working on improved search across all the apps at the moment. Stay tuned.