DOE sounds extenshion


Actually, as I said in a similar discussion on the FG Forums:

“Unfortunately, the solution that Syrinscape came up with for their Master/Minion Web-based version is, at the moment, 100% incompatible with how FG and the DOE:Sound work. I’ve been investigating the solution for a couple of weeks now and, to get it to work, it is going to require either SmiteWorks radically changing the FG-Engine (something which in the past they have been super reluctant to do) or a complete architectural re-design of the Syrinscape M/M system. In either case, its out of my hands.”

“Having said that, everything that the M/M solution can do the DOE:Sound has been able to do since approx v3. Yes, it does it in a different way, but there is no “end-point result” that the M/M can do that the DOE:Sound can’t - or, in other words, for uses of FG (on a Windows-based system), there is no need for the Master/Minion solution as the DOE:Sound and the original Syrinscape Desktop App can do it all.”

Another FG user put it like this:

“…so I found the whole M/M thing a little confusing because I thought it was redundant.”

My reply:

“Well, it’s redundant for US (the users of Fantasy Grounds) because of the DOE:Sound - but remember that Syrinscape’s ‘use case’ is more than just FG; a lot of Roll20 people (and others) want to use it as well, so Benjamin’s doing a ‘good thing’ in terms of his business by providing that option to his customers. There is also this… fascination… that people seem to have with cloud-based computing these days (one which I, as a Professional ICT Consultant, can’t understand because while ‘The Cloud’ has it’s uses its not a panacea for computing), so with this fascination ‘everyone’ is pushing their stuff into the cloud - which I consider a mistake in some (but not all) cases. Thanks God(s) that Smiteworks didn’t go this route, and that we can still get Desktop Apps for all our stuff, including Syrinscape, etc.”

"TL:DR - FG Users don’t need M/M when using the DOE:Sound, but there’s more than one VTT-ecosystem out there, and only FG has the DOE:Sound - plus some people like to put everything in the cloud :smile: "

Others also chimed in with sentiments along the lines of “If it ain’t broke…”

And as I said above (Post #17), the way I got the whole thing to work was by using the FG-Engine to call the Operating System to do the work - the current M/M architecture doesn’t fit that model. As an analogy; its a bit like trying to make a boat go on the road or a car go on water - both are designed to get you from Point A to Point B but the two methods are totally incompatible.

You can give Doug and John this post to get started (plus my previous one in this Thread), and I’ll be happy to talk to Syrinscape and SmiteWorks, but I personally can’t see SmiteWorks changing things (because we’ve asked in the past and they’ve said no) and even if they did, I’m seriously not sure anything can be done with the current M/M architecture. :frowning:


(aka Bidmaron) If there were features of M/M we couldn’t do now (and I don’t see that there are, but I’m not an expert on all the M/M beta features), the only compromise would be if you could get to the api by using tags on the end of the url to the syrinscape player. But, it is also easy to see how those features (whatever they may be) might be too complex for url tags…


All good above. Note, we are in talks with FGs about making these new Integration Shortcuts work in their stuff.

With a few added points. (not all relevant to people using DOE yet.

  1. The Online Player works on all platforms. The person control sound can do it from any operating system. That is people can now run Syrinscape from their iPad in a browser (and importantly the sound doesn’t STOP when that browser goes into the background)
  2. The Online Player can be running ANYWHERE, eg a phone plugged into the speaker system in the corner. Or in New York.
  3. Our server can populate the Integrating software with info about what SoundSets, MOODs, ELEMENTs the user can play. Basically the UI can be inside other people’s stuff.
  4. Theoretically… running and joining games is straightforward and easy. No more routing audio through chat portals (with inherent compression).
  5. The Players don’t have to have a sub or even own the content to have it play on their machine… if they are following the GMs game only SHE needs the sub.
  6. No more predownloading content… the samples are sent with the call to play them! (with a small latency the first time because of this, and then no latency the second time, because Cache)

But yes, as @Dulux_Oz said, some of these things don’t actually benefit FG users. In which case, keep using the DOE. :smiley:

And mainly THANKS Matthew for developing it for everybody to us. :rofl::space_invader::tropical_fish:


And yes… the Online Player is something Roll20 users have been screeeeeeeeeeeeaming for, for quite a while!