DOE:Sound & Syrinscape On A MAC (or Linux)


Hi Everyone,

I’ve just had a offline conversation with someone trying to get the DOE:Sound working with Syrinscape (Desktop) on A MAC using WINESKIN. Now before anyone gets their hopes up I am of the firm opinion that this will NOT work - although I’ll happily be proven wrong.

However, what will work is something that has been around in the DOE:Sound since a very early version (v2, I think) but which people seem to either not be aware of or not to have considered the implications of - so let me spell it out here in plain English - OK?

The GM does NOT have to be the one that runs the Syrinscape Desktop App - any one (or more than one) can be the person running the Syrinscape Desktop App. The GM, however, will still control all the sounds, the same as if they were running the Syrinscape Desktop App.

As long as at least one person in the group is running Fantasy Grounds on a pure Windows box then the group can enjoy Syrinscape controlled by the DOE:Sound from inside Fantasy Grounds - it doesn’t matter if the GM is running on a MAC or a Linux box, as long as one of the players is running on a Windows box then the system will work.

Here’s how.

All the Sound Triggers from inside Fantasy Grounds / DOE:Sound travel across the Internet to the GM’s computer (even if they start at the GM’s computer) and then travel back out again to all the player’s computers. Its at this point that the Sound Triggers are handed off to the Windows Operating System for forwarding to the Syrinscape Desktop App - and this happens on everyone’s computer- that’s why if you haven’t got Syrinscape installed you turn OFF Sounds in the Fantasy Grounds Options/Setup: so that the Sound Triggers are not handed off to the Windows Operating System. Of course, if you’re running on a MAC or on Linux then there is no Windows Operating System (which is why I believe WINESKIN doesn’t work).

So, if the GM can’t / doesn’t want to run the Syrinscape Desktop App, then one of the players can: the player running Syrinscape turns ON Sounds in the FG Options, while the GM turns Sounds OFF in the FG Options. The GM will still control the sounds, but they’ll do it remotely on their player’s computer. The player should then (obviously) pump the sound down a VoIP App (like Teamspeak or Discord) back to the GM and the other players.

I hope this makes sense to people, and I hope now if you are a GM using a MAC or Linux you can enjoy Sounds with Fantasy Grounds. If you’ve got questions ask them here.



I am reposting what I said in the FG forum here as it might help other Mac users.

I have been able to get DOE: sound and Syrinscape to work on a Mac and I imagine this would work on Linux as well. I was able to click on a link in DOE and have it trigger a sound in Syrinscape.

The thing is though is you need to download and install wine 4.0, install the windows version of Fantasy grounds and Syrinscape with this version of Wine and not use the Mac installer from the FG site and Mac version of Syrinscape. If anyone is interested I could write up a little thing as to what I did to get it t work. It is not as a smooth experience as using the native installers but it works.


Excellent! As I said over on the FG Forums I’ve never heard of anyone sucesfully doing this before. :smile:


I was actually trying it and unable to make it works in localhost :slight_smile:

Any explanation on how you did will be rewarded with good dwarvish beer :stuck_out_tongue:


I explain what I did here:How to use DOE Sound Extension to Trigger Sounds in Syrinscape on a Mac