DMM level 7-8-9 any date to use Supefans :-)


I just love new sounds and Dungeon sounds with loads of fun,
its fun


Yes, dmm is in for approval with Wizards so if any subscribers want an ealry unlock, I can do that. Pop in a request here. All I need in return is some eyes watching out the typos… any suggestions for betterer sound design ideas etc. :slight_smile:

Want an unlock @thornbound? :lock::old_key:


I love it all @benjamin:heart:


I switch them on for you @thornbound!

Hope you like them! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Well, hey, if there are unlocks up for grabs, I’ll take them! DMM is in my lineup as well…so, I’m glad that it will be coming. :slight_smile:


Unlocked! :slight_smile:


If you’re still checking this post I’d be down for the unlock my group enters LVL 7 this coming week hopefully.


Tagging @benjamin (which is done now) will help with your unlocking needs. :smiley:


You guys finally did it. You twisted my arm…like two degrees with minimal torque…and convinced me to become a SuperSyrin. All the supersyrin stuff looks great at first glance. Is there a way to select download all, because that’s a lot of soundsets to click download on.?
What do I need to do to get those sweet sweet DotMM soundsets?


@benjamin I’d love an early unlock (party is still happily running through this crazy dungeon). Thanks!


@jonasc96 @archaratar @richwiles81

Levels 7 to 9 have been unlocked for you! :slight_smile:

Find typos and bugs!! :bug::hammer:

and/or just enjoy playing with them! :smiley:


Any word on 10-11-12?

I’m a collector and am eagerly anticipating having ALL THE THINGS for DotMM :smiley:


DMM 10 - 12 is [just about to go in for] approval with Wizards so look out for that in July! :slight_smile: :smiley:



My group is stalling on level three going in circles, so y’all got some more time.


Brilliant! :smiley:

Business as normal for TTRPGs!