Discord with Online Player?


I’m researching whether to buy Syrinscape (all RPG roads seem to lead here). I play RQ via Roll20 which continues to assiduously ignore Syrinscapes existence but no matter because my players and I use Discord for AV.

From what I can tell Syrinscape with Discord is possible but fiddly, needing multiple instances of Discord and some back and forth with inputs and outputs.

I did see a message about using “Online Player” to pipe Syrinscape into Discord which sounds (excuse the pun) like it might be easier to implement.

However, my Windows 10 doesn’t have an app called “Online Player” Is there a walk-through (for idiots/noobs) anywhere of how to get this set-up working?

Thank you!

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Hi there,

Everything you need to get started with the Online Player is on our Youtube but if you need any help at all, just ask. You’ll be able to download the online player directly from the website.

I personally stream it straight into Discord using the Discord Desktop app and literally streaming it into a Discord voice channel. That works for me and my players but the best way is getting your players to each download the online player as well. That way they can control their own volume or turn it off completely if they wish.

In this video, Ben shows you how to get your players set up with the online player in around 3 minutes: https://youtu.be/xSRWk8rBh40

I hope that helps. If yuo need any further help, let us know.


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Hi Vicki,
Many thanks. I have set up the online player and sent my players the links. One question…

You said

That sounds a lot easier… how do you stream it straight into the Discord desktop app please? Is that when you need two different Discord accounts (which sounds kind of fiddly).

Many thanks, Peter

Nope, no separate accounts. I’m not a techy person, I keep everything REALLY simple. If you have the Online Player Open and the Discord Desktop App open, in the bottom left it will show you as “playing” the online player.

If you go into any voice channel or a group DM, you can click on the icon just above your name (again in the bottom left) that looks like a computer and you can live stream the Online player to your friends and they’ll hear everything. However they wont be able to control their own volume. Let me see if I still have my screen grabs.

Screenshot (163)_LI

It works for me. Bear in mind I’m not using this for D&D it’s for another RPG that I run with a different person every week so for me, this is what works best for us both. I’ve never had any complaints about sound quality but others have reported it sounding “tinny” for them. Again, I havent had that problem. So I say give it a go.
If your players arent happy with the sound quality, I really would recommend all of them using the Online Player.

I hope that helps.

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It sure does. Thank you. In Discord I had to go into Settings / Activity Status and add Syrinscape Online Player. Then it showed up in my voice channel just like your screen grab.

I’ve sent them instructions and a link and you’ve bagged another sub to Syrinscape!

Many thanks,

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Amazing! Enjoy the sounds :smiley:

It’s Awesome!!! Nice one! :smiley:

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