Discord bot/API access


I’ve been using syrinscape for a little bit, and love it! I’ve had an issue recently as I’ve been recording games for us to listen back to using a discord bot (it was much easier to set up than audacity and didn’t need extra computers/input mangling to capture everyone’s voices). This then comes with the issue that we don’t get the cool sound from syrinscape at the same time!

I think that the best solution to this would be to write a bot for discord which you linked to the campaign and then could invite into a voice channel and it would play there. I also think this would act as a nice way of getting people into using syrinscape as some of my players were reluctant to have another program to download to listen to the sounds.

Are there any existing solutions like this, or is it possible to get access to a Syrinscape API to get this working?


Hey @davidcorne,

All sounds intriguing.

I’m not suuuuuuuuure Syrinscape is working quite the way you are thinking it is…
so I’m not sure a Discord Bot is going to work… but it’s certainly worth investigating properly.

Contact me on benjamin at syrinscape dot com and I’ll set you up with API info. :slight_smile: :smiley:


I’ve sent an email, and I’m happy to give it a go even if it ends up being a dead end :smiley:


Let me know how this pans out! I’d be interested in using a seperate bot to play Syrinscape over our Discord calls. The advantage in my mind would be using discord’s ability to adjust each participant’s sound volume, so players who can turn the sound up when it gets too soft for them, or turn it down of it’s annoying them individually.


I too shall be very interested in how people go here! :slight_smile:


I used the option that 4 billion others did with the voicemeeter and the bananas and the virtual cords. I pulled my hair out making a bot. just decided to do it the easy way. I program like i DM, with the steps needed to be as lazy as possible.


What we did was use the Virtual Audio Cable developed by Eugene (Evgenii) Muzychenko (https://vac.muzychenko.net/en/). It had fewer choppiness/performance issues than Voicemeeter did, even though I don’t like the interface as much.

Our set up with it is:
Set Cable 2 as the default audio device
Pipe the DM mic to Cable 1
Pipe Cable 2 to the DM headset
Pipe Cable 2 to Cable 1
Set Cable 1 as Discord’s input
Set Discord’s input to voice activated and lower the sensitivity so it is always on
Set the DM headset as Discord’s output