DIscord Audio Pipe "Spins" and does not fully connect

Hi, I was using the Discord Audio Pipe for weeks with no problems. I recently added it to a new server that I created tested it and it worked. I installed it on a seperate laptop then the one that I use to voice connect to my server. Now when I launch it and connect, I can see it is connected to the server, yet on the laptop that I play the audio, the Discord Audio Pipe blue box that usually spins for a second and then changes to “mute” just spins forever and it never completely connects and no audio plays. I have rebooted both machines.

THe error I get is “cannot connect to host discord.com:443 ssl:default [getaddrinfo failed]”

ANy help would be appreciated, thanks.

I believe Discord have recently made a few changes, which might be why you are getting that error.

Hopefully somebody else that connects through discord might be able to help you with a fix :slight_smile:

Or if you have a Supersyrin Subscription you could just connect directly through the Syrinscape Web Player and not need to use Discord at all for your audio

Yeah, I downloaded the newer version of discord audio pipe 2.3 and it works on my Windows 10 but not Windows 7 (which is the laptop I play my audio from.)