Discord and online player how?

how do I have the player go while they can be on discord as well? I finally set up so I can hear it but not when I go to a different app


Can you give me a little more info here. I’m not sure I’m understanding exactly what you are asking. Tell me things like, what device you are using, what situation are you in, what are you trying to achieve, which Syrinscape app are you using, all that sort of stuff. :slight_smile:

We’ll sort you out!

Yes. Give us a bit more info and we can get you sorted definitely.

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On android once I click the app I can hear but I can’t go into anything else without it closing the app and making it unable to hear the sounds and do anything else

Which UI are you seeing?


Or this:

The first one in blue

Here ya go. Takes about half hour to setup, follow instructions closely.

You don’t use the online player, just the normal software.

I’m bandwagon-ing on this thread to avoid making a duplicate – I followed the instructions of the video tutorial posted above but it didn’t entirely work. I can get Syrinscape to route through cable B, but I cannot for the life of me get cable A to send sound to discord via the VoiceMeeter Banana.

I have my regular discord and a discord-PTB, and my players cannot hear me on my mic or the Syrinscape sounds. I can tell that the VoiceMeeter is picking up the mic because I can see the sound meter bouncing around in column 1 on VoiceMeeter Banana. Same story for Syrinscape in column 3 of VoiceMeeter Banana – I can see the sound bouncing around. But the middle column – what should be discord – isn’t showing any sound pick up despite me having set the Discord PTB and the regular discord (with my mic input) feeding into Cable-A Input via their respective output settings.

I’m… not sure if that’s clear at all as I re-read it. Honestly this stuff confuses me quite a bit, but I’m trying. I also don’t know what other info might be helpful here…

Happy to help… If you want to jump into my discord I can help troubleshoot.

Edited to Remove discord name after invite was sent

Just invited her as a friend and then I will send a direct invite when she accepts.

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She is me :slight_smile: Thank you! I responded to the friend request.

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Thanks for the tutorial. I believe I have it working now, but is there a way to make it sound better? I’m not a good audiophile so I’m have trouble describing the sound, but I know it sounds far better before putting on Voicemeeter Banana. Once I pipe it through there it sounds like a cheap 80s walkman by comparison to before I put that on.

Is it in discord that it sounds off? If you want to join my discord I’m happy to take a look at your setup and review when I can to see if I can help. Here is an invite.

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Thanks. I looked into it and it’s probably the free version of Discord with a low bitrate. I’m talking to my players about trying the online version as it sounds fantastic and won’t rely on my crappy internet. At least until I upgrade my internet some day. Just need my cable company to cooperate.

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Yep… That’s a good call.

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