Digital Maps with TV inside Table


So, @benjamin posted a video the other day showing off his gaming table, and in that it appears he has a flatscreen just melded into the woodwork…or how it seems from the dark and quick glances. I generally use a standing TV at the end of the tables to display maps, images, etc. However, this would be awesome to do as we could use minis on the digital screen.

How do other people achieve this modern marvel?


There’s lots of different ways to use digital display in your game and everyone I speak to has different ideas on the best way! I must admit I really want to try it myself but haven’t yet.

Ben uses a projector, which is why the photo looks like the screen is flat to the table. He will be able to tell you all about it but I think he said it was a HD projector set at a 45 degree angle to the table. He then uses white blocks to give it height. It looks amazing!!

If you use a screen or projector in your games then please post a pic and tell us how you set it up. I know a lot off us would love to!


Here’s a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally old video of my projector setup:


And here it is with white blocks to create 3D-ness:


Here is my setup. I run most everything from my laptop as all my books, etc are digital from DnDBeyond. At the end of the table I do have a physical copy of the core rule book set (just in case). For all the player info, I run an “expanded desktop” over to a 55” screen to relay maps, images, etc that players would need access to. Behind the TV I have a hidden sound system to run Syrinscape through and it sounds beautiful!

I have a projector that I used to use as my main TV until the bulb burned out. May have to look at replacing it and try out something for a map on the table so we can simulate battle more precisely with the minis. Definitely digging that idea.


Here’s a shot of my table from a design I found on youtube a few years back. It’s a roughly 5’x5’ table with a 43" TV nestled down inside it. There are dice/pencil trays all around the outer rim and a lid that fits down into the center section to return it to being a ‘normal’ table. Since this pic I have added a shelf on one side with a routed channel into which I slot a hinged wooden DM screen that I made on one side and a place for the Chromebook and monitor that I DM from. Under the table is a stripped down slimline PC that runs roll20 and the online player for syrinscape as well as some RGB strips to add to the mood.


That looks amazing! Very nice set up :slight_smile:


One SUPER important thing I learned, is you MUST get the minis as CLOSE as possible to the surface of the TV, otherwise paralax error pushes them right off their squares.

When using a TV, I have 2mm perspex sitting on the actual glass of the lcd.

Do NOT use 5mm plate glass sitting on the frame of the TV. :face_with_thermometer:

Sense makes?.


When I get back from the Festival Des Jeux I’m planning on trying your projector/mirror trick @benjamin. Expect many how do I… messages whilst I get it working right :joy:


Here’s mine:

More pics and write-up here:


That looks great! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


@notrealdan NICE! It looks very clean and polished. Would love to have a table like that. I know it probably says in the details of the link but could you elaborate on the measurements and some of the details?


Thanks! It was a fun, but long project. The table top is a little over 6 feet long by about 4.5 feet wide. I was going to make it a little larger, but it needed to come down a flight of stairs and I had to trim it down a little to make that work. The TV is a 43" screen. It gives plenty of space for a map while also allowing lots of space for people’s books, character sheets, dice trays, laptops, pizza, etc.


Thought I would join in on the fun. This table took me about 2-3 months to build. It is made out of Rock Maple and Walnut. Each side has a die burnt into it by my wife and an electrical outlet for the player sitting there to charge any device they’re using for the game.


Wow! That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile: