Did we break anything?!?!


Hey all, we have just deployed a major update to the Syrinscape servers in advance of our BIG Creator updates. If there’s anyone out there who test: Fantasy/Sci- fi/Board Game Player functionality, account usage, installs etc we would be VERY grateful. Let us know if you find any wrinkles! :bug::hammer::ghost:



Sound Creator page- https://syrinscape.com/about-syrinscape/syrinscape-soundset-creator/ - is coming up as “Page Not Found”.


Yes we’ve taken the links to the old Creator down as that version is no longer needed.

The new Creator is coming online this very week. For the moment, start here: www.syrinscape.com/online and have a go for yourself.


3rd party app integration is broken for me after the update. I am running version 1.4.2-20190516 of the fantasy player. The DOE Sound extension in Fantasy Grounds is not triggering it as well as my Elgato Stream Deck (both worked before the upgrade). I also noticed that directly calling a URI is not working either. It could just be my install, but I wanted to give you a heads up before I messed with it too much.



I’ll confirm this issue. Existing links from within Realm Works no longer function - nor do newly created link placed in Realm Works or pasted straight into Windows 10 “Run” app, browers, etc.


Thanks @don and @curtis.lithgow, I’ll pass this onto The Dev team for them to look into and let you know what they say

Keep the feedback coming :grin:


I’m a new user on a mac and I have tried both Chrome and Firefox and the Online master thing looks great, but no sound is playing. I went to Pandora and confirmed that I can hear sound through other browser based apps, but nothing is playing for me via your new online tool. Again, I’m new as of today, so not sure if this is due to the update or not.


Do you have the Syrinscape Online Player open as well? The Master Interface triggers the sounds but you need the Player to be running to hear the sounds.

You can donwnload it and find the instructions here


Thanks Steve - I left a suggestion on another thread around placing an easy to find tool tip (maybe near your master volume control at the top) helping people like me to resolve this issue faster.


@don @curtis.lithgow @Steve I’ve just published new Fantasy and Sci-Fi player builds for Windows that should fix 3rd party integration.


@katie.hawkey Great idea. We already show an alert if you have no “active” player/device, but we should extend this alert to also show when you have no “connected” player/device as well.


Looks like the fantasy player on the download page still has version 1.4.2-20190516.


@curtis.lithgow Oops! Missed the “public” checkbox! Should be up on the download page, now.