Did Curse of Strahd vanish? - RESOLVED


Maybe I’m going crazy… I THOUGHT there was a Curse of Strahd soundset available for purchase. I had the all in subscription for awhile, and I swear I used that soundset a few times. It even had scripted dialogue of certain NPCs saying things from the book similar to how the DIA soundset does. But now I can’t find it to purchase it. Am I losing my mind? Was there ever a Curse of Strahd official soundset on Syrinscape?


We have lots of soundsets that can be used for Curse of Strahd, including the fantastic Realmsmith “Into the Mist” soundsets but we haven’t built anything official for it to date


There is a Community Content called Barovian Village, which is very useful for such a campaign. Spooky also has some very appropriate moods.


Does “Into the Mist” or “Barovian Village” have sounds specific for the Curse of Strahd campaign? Or is it just generic gothic sounds? In the sound sets for Descent into Avernus, there are clips of actors reading out the dialogue that is printed in the books. Are there clips like that for these sound sets? Or spooky organ music to recreate specific scenes from the adventure Curse of Strahd?


We haven’t done any official Strahd content as yet so there are no spoken lines from the books in any of the sets. Those would only ever appear in official content like DIA or Dragon Heist. These are all suggestions for soundset that you can use to set the ambiance


Wow. I appreciate the prompt feedback. I am genuinely concerned about my mental state… I would swear under oath that I ran a few sessions of Curse of Strahd a few months ago when my subscription was active using soundsets that included sets with titles like “Strahd’s Theme” or “Castle Ravenloft”. I remember a sound effect that had a picture of Doru, the starving vampire in Barovia lifted right from the book. When you clicked it, you heard someone in an eastern European accent yell “Father! I’m Starving!”. I remember sorting through all the soundsets by typing in “COS” for Curse of Strahd. Is it possible that there USED to be content like this that was community created that I had access to? Maybe it was taken down for copyright reasons? Thanks.


There is a Castle Ravenloft community soundset but it only uses samples from elsewhere in Syrinscape. It uses default art and has no spoken lines. As I said before they would only be used in official content.


I am almost positive that the “Father, I am starving” line is from the Shadows of Esteren - Dearg soundset. It has nice gothicy and melancholic music as well, maybe you used that one? I am not a 100% sure and I don’t have access to a computer to verify. :frowning:


There is a line “Father, I’m Hungry!” in Into the Mist - Hopeless Village, in the elements.