DIA - Candlekeep soundset mistake?


I think there might be a bug in the following soundset:


Griffin flight

The griffin flight includes the following:

I dont think the griffin flight is meant to have a sword fight in the middle of it haha :slight_smile:


I blame Barry. :smiley:

Since I actually don’t know this adventure particularly well, can you tell me specifically what to change here. Which elements to turn on and off etc.

*fetching hammer


Well its a small bit of the story (about three lines of text) its a flight between two towers but I love it has a soundset :smiley:

I would say this which is all the same stuff but without any battle stuff. Thank you!


Any update on this? Got my campaign tomorrow :smiley:


Hey @Houndy, are you able to tell me what I need to modify here? I don’t want t just jump in and make random changes!


OK. I’ve had a guess at what seems pretty clear should be in the “Griffin flight” MOOD. Let me know if that sounds right now. :slight_smile:


Hi Benjamin,

I posted a screenshot above about what I think should be in it!

Will take a look at the update now :slight_smile:


Looks like you chose exactly the same as me. Great mind and all that :slight_smile:


Yes… as soon as I did the changes and posted I FINALLY noticed the screenshot! :smiley:
"great minds’ definitely! :trophy: