Delays not working properly? - EXPLAINED


I either don’t understand how the delays work, or they just don’t work properly.

I set a delay from 0 to 22 second, expecting the sound to kickoff 22 seconds after another sound, but it didn’t. In the player, it sometimes kicks off right away, other times at 15 seconds, etc.
When I change the slider to -10 t0 22, the delay is shorter. When I change the slider to 0 to 32, it’s shorter again, even though it’s supposed to be 10 seconds longer!

What gives? How do I use these delays?!



Setting the delay range from 0 to 22 will give you a random delay each time somewhere between 0 seconds and 22 seconds… if you are wanting a longer delay then change that 0 to a bigger number?

Sense makes?

If you haven’t already, check out these vids here for more useful infos.

And ask more questions here too!


Ooooo, so it’s not a delay time, it’s a delay range?
So if I want a 22 sec delay I need to put it on 22 to 22?

Ok, I think I get it.



Yep exactly :grin:

All of the parameters are ranges, allowing Syrinscape to then pick a random number within that range. That’s how the sounds appear to never repeat, for that more natural sounding sound