Delay on custom mood - FIXED


I am running into an issue when creating custom moods where sometimes the sound will delay a couple of minutes prior to any sound starting. This is highly frustrating as a long delay ruins the usefulness of having the sounds.


Hi @JTDarkmaster, Custom moods should play just like any other mood, there shouldn’t be any delay with them. The only delay should be if you are using elements that have a delay built into them (Music is a good example). Many of the elements in Syrinscape start off with an initial delay so that everything doesn’t play at once. So if your custom mood contains a lot of these that could be why it ‘appears’ to not be playing.

If you want to tweak these delays and alter the sounds or even if you are just building a lot of custom sounds then really you are needing the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator, which allows you to build entire new sets and control every single sample


I dont believe this is the issue as it occurs even if the sound or sounds i am adding to the custom mood normally play without any delay. It only creates a delay when making it into a custom mood.


Can you tell me some specific Elements you are including in the custom MOODs that are coming out delayed AND/OR send me a video of it doing it?

Also, what device/operating system are you running on.


I don’t know if it’s the same issue, but it seems that wherever the progress bar is for a sound when saved to a custom mood is where it will start in the custom mood. Instead of starting audio from that point, or from the beginning, it will silently finish the progress bar, and then begin playing the audio when it resets.


@derek_states Can you give me a specific set of steps to take to reproduce what you are describing? To make sure we are definitely talking about the right thing.