Delay Between Songs? - RESOLVED


I can’t figure out how to set a delay between elements in my playlist.

For example, I have a list of 10 songs in a element playlist, but I want there to be a 3-5 minute pause between songs.

How do I pull that off? I see there is a delay for the first played, but I need the ones after the first.

I certainly hope this can be done?


Just a bit further down in the Element Inspector is the:
“Delay between samples”

Do you see that? :slight_smile:

For more info, in case you haven’t seen them already:

And ask more questions here too, of course! :slight_smile: :smiley:




Sometimes the browser zoom can get stuck so the panel won’t scroll.

If you are on Chrome, hold down CTRL and scroll a little in and then out on your mouse to unstick it?

Do you see the rest of the inspector now>?


No, wasn’t that, Benjamin, I just discovered if I have crossfading enabled, then the delay goes away. My bad, that makes total sense. User error! Thanks for the quick response!


Ah yes. :smiley:

Yes, crossfade will do a lovely invisible equal power cross fade, overlapping the samples = good for ambient loops etc.

Glad you worked it out! keep going! :slight_smile:


Any reason why you cap it at 5 mins? Can you have your code monkey’s increase that cap by chance? Again, battles can last a couple hours or longer, just trying to keep things fresh during that time.


Yeah, there is a ticket on our project management system to up that top limit. It was initailly set at 5 minutes to make the slider scale useful, but i get the impression that most people enter the numbers manually anyway… :smiley: