Define Speaker Setups With EQ


So you have all probably experienced this, but you go through hours or days setting up the perfect mood for your game, using headphones or maybe your home stereo, and then you get to game session at your friends house with your UA Boom Bluetooth speaker, and…

It doesn’t sound good… (sad face)

While creating the mood before session, you could clearly hear the cries of the villagers, the monsters screeching, or the stomping of the dragon, but they are nowhere to be heard…

To fix this, how about we have the ability in Syrinscape, to define the speakers we tend to use, and have a separate EQ for each of those definitions?

So, in my case, I define 3 speaker setups; I label them:
Apple Earbuds
UA Boom
Home Stereo

In each definition, there is an EQ (let’s imagine a 10 band EQ). With my earbuds in, everything sounds great, so while the mood is still playing, I switch to my UA Boom definition and connect those speakers. Now, I adjust the EQ so that they sounds as good as the earbuds did. Now I switch over to the Home Stereo and I EQ that to sounds just as good as well.

So now, I can switch between any speaker definition, and they all sound good. Now they are adjusted to be pretty equal to each other, so switching soundsets and moods should result in similar success - if not, we may have to tweak them a little more, but it has to be better than what we currently have.

What do you think? Would this be valuable?