Death / Unconscious & long rest sound


I’m looking for a good sound for when a player/NPC drops dead or unconscious. I am currently using the sleep sound from the wizard set, but I would prefer to not have that yawn at the beginning. Either a short scream followed by a body falling sound, or even just the body falling sound.

Also looking for a good sound to represent taking a long rest.

any suggestions?


What about the Punch one-shot from Tavern Brawl? It’s a little more abrupt than the sleep spell, but it’s a hard impact.

And for a long rest, you’re just looking for a short transitional sound, yes? What about the Light Bright spell sound from Wizard Spells (Ezran)? It’s sort of a nice renewal sound that isn’t too long, but it’s distinctive.


Thanks. That Light Bright one is great. The punch one works for a hit, but doesnt really feel like something falling dead. I like that thumping sound at the end of the sleep spell as it implies something dead falling down. There was a sound effect “Death Screams” that would work, but I would need it as a one-shot rather than something that loops.


Goblin Battle has both male and female screams as a one-shot, which may be useful.


I have been looking for something like this for a very long time (First post was in 2017). I ended up having to rip apart the Tavern Brawl “ouchy noises” as one shots and use that, and it’s… ok. I did like the suggestion for the male scream in goblin battle. Might switch to that - ty
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