Dead Suns: Splintered Worlds is LIVE in the Sci-Fi Player


Everybody! [trumpets]

Splintered Worlds is live for our lovely Subscribers.

Once I get all the description pages etc done, then it will be purchasable on our store.

Bet you didn’t see THAT coming so soon!!!


Loving the music in all the various sets! The pirate music (Rusty Rivets) is just so very fun!


The pirate music is awesome :sunglasses:

While checking the new sets, there are a few moods (Eox Street mood i think :thinking:) with pretty low overall volume while the following one rips your headphones :smiley:


I will look into it. If you have the exact moods where this happens, it is easier to track down. As the overall volume depends on your speaker setup, any hint is valuable. You can only test so many speaker systems while creating… :wink:


Hi :slight_smile: sure, i’ll sum it up:

Planet of the Dead

  • Ministry lobby:
    I think its fine, that this one is a fairly silent mood after entering from the much louder “Carpalspur street/bareknuckle way”, but the characteristics like “keyboard work”, “data streams” or “streets of orphys” are way to silent to even notice them while playing. had to turn them up by 50%.
  • Ministry living quarters:
    Hm, a mood with just air condition and station hum, again with a too low set volume? I cant see why i should use this one.

The Splice

  • Gentlesages Necrografts:
    Same as “Fleshworn fabrications” without the robotic sounds. hm, the descriptions tells you about some necrografts on pillows and some kind. i immediately had to think of a slow creepy violin background theme with some sweeney todd vibe :smiley:
  • Bonesmiths Boutique:
    Had to turn up everything about 30% so that my players could hear anything
  • Pensioners flat:
    Same as Bonesmiths Boutique without “music”, hm. but i guess its not that important.

Loose Ends

  • Xerantha Battle: I really miss some trampleram sounds :scream:

So dont get me wrong, overall i rly like the soundset, but it kinda looks like you rushed through it to compensate the delay of book 2. Besides that i think my maybe a bit harsh feedback is more valuable for you then just something like “The last one was better” :wink:


Any feedback is appreciated. And yeah, some moods are very similar to others. That is basically for the ease of use, so you won’t have to change between soundsets during scenes. A little more variety won’t hurt, I agree. Will look into it.

Regarding the volume issues: what sound system are you using? When I test it with my two setups, I can’t reproduce your mentioned issues to that extend. Some moods are a bit quiet, but it is still audible. Info about used sound devices really could help me here.

Steve did Temple of the Twelve, so there was no rushing. I might have a different approach, but the variety is hopefully adding to the richness of our sounds.

I will review the sets and see, how to improve them further. Thanks! :grin:


Hm, no specific soundcard/system, just on board (MSI, 2 years old) sound running through a logitech 5.1 system (6 years old), but i got the same issue with a recently bought macbook and blutooth headphones. My Players used to have the same problem, had to turn the master volume to 100% and everyone’s minion to 100% -> changing to battle music = RIP :smiley:


Hmmm, interesting. So you have the volume problem with the Online player? I tested my setups at home last night (within the “regular” SciFi-Player) and I can’t confirm the volume problem. I shall give it another try later today, using the Online player, and see, if this lets me recreate the problem. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Benjamin or @Steve - can anyone of you recreate the problem?

@alcarin You have downloaded the newest version of the Online Player?


Checked it again using the scifi player, but got the same result as with the online player.

Interesting: I tried the soundset creator, downloaded the package, duplicated it -> way better result. Its still silent but way better then the volume of the scifi/online player :thinking:

Yes both Online and scifi Player are up to date.


One other question: do you have the output set to 5.1? If so - could you try what happens if you choose stereo as output format?

When importing a soundset into the creator it can happen, that the directionally is broken. This could explain the difference in volume, too. Mysterious.

Is this the only soundpack that has this issues? And what I get from your feedback is, that not every soundset is affected? What about spw Field of the lost and spw The vanished cult?

Let’s trace this…


Ok, lets go:

  1. Its set to 5.1, stereo = same issue
  2. Its the only soundset affected so far, yes
  3. spw field of the lost and spw vanished cult: dont have issues with these two


Cool. Thanks for your help, then I will focus on Planet of the dead to track down whatever issue there is! :heart_eyes:


Can you try and update the spw Planet of the dead soundset and see, if the issue of volume is solved? I pushed an update to adjust the volumes. I have tested it in different combinations of hardware with different players (stand-alone and online) and haven’t encountered any unusual behavior.


:scream: It works!
But why :face_with_monocle:


Goblins… Definitely Goblins! :grin: