Dead Suns: Empire of Bones AP6


Was Empire of Bones released? In the release calendar it shows the set to be released in autumn 2020.

I’m currently in book 5 of Dead Suns, so I’d love to know if I have to create my own sound set or if it’s actually been released.

I’m a subscriber, so I’m assuming I should see it right?


Hey @Daso, you were not mistaken. Empire of Bones hasn’t been out as expected, yet it is still being released. It has been put a bit on the back burner. Sorry for that.
How far along are you in The Thirteenth Gate AP? Can you give me an estimate when your players will be starting with Empire of Bones?

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We’ve just started the thirteenth gate, so I would expect a few weeks before we’re going to move on to the next AP. We’re planning an extended session next week during vacation, so it may move the game quite a bit.

If some of it is already ready, is it possible to access the first chapters kinda thing? I’ve still got a bit of time ahead of me, but it would be cool to have for sure!

thanks. :slight_smile:

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Is this due to come out some time soon? Just wondering?

The set is all built, it’s just going through the final approval stages so should be out towards the start of May