D&D Subscription


I was under the impression that after my subscription ended, I would still have access to the D&D soundsets:

“Complete access to ALL of Syrinscape Fantasy
PLUS ownership of all future DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and General Fantasy SoundSets.”

Or does ownership mean something different here?


As long as you are subscribed, you can access (meaning you can use them) every soundset included in your subscription model. During this phase, everything that is newly released and fits your sub model will be added to your owned soundsets.
When you end your sub, everything you own can still be used. Everything you had only access to can’t be used anymore.

If there is a mistake with the items you should have, contact support at syrinscape dot com, so we can look into your stuff more closely. :slight_smile:


Thanks @new_vision

That’s correct.

This above is why you now have permanent onwership of:
Xanathar the glorious
Displacer beast battle
Mind Flayer battle
Treant battle

And if you are a current sub when we release Dungeon of the Mad Mage, you’ll gain ownership of that.

Sense makes? :slight_smile:


Is there any idea when the Dungeon of the mad mage is coming out? I’ve recently started running this for my daughter and just last night started a subscription here.
I had read that it would have been in March, things slide but I thought I would ask.


I think the first few levels have already been made. Have you looked for the tag DoMM?


I appreciate the reply; I just searched again but to no avail. With the subscription I’m seeing a lot of great stuff so I know that parts working however I’ve not seen the DoMM available. I looked at the Google Doc and hoped for the same thing, that the first few levels were available. The kids game is today and it’s certainly easy to pick from some sounds but they’re close to certain areas and I thought it would be great to play the Halaster “Well, don’t just stand there like a boob”


Hey all,

Chapters 1 - 6 of DMM are in the last phase of development.

We collected our Halaster Voice when we visited the offices of Wizards last week = AMAZING! You are going to love that.

Things left to do:

  1. polish them
  2. finish the fresh load of music
  3. submit for approval to Wizards

NOTE: As soon as we submit to WotC, subscribers will see a ‘Pre-release’ version go live in the app.

Everyone else will get access once final approval (with any changes) is given.

THANKS for your patience in this, we’ve had some rather large pinch points:

  1. big growth straining our capacity to produce content = the CEO (me) having more and more time taken up by CEOing. We have recently added 3 days of Content creation people to the team, so things are starting to flow again
  2. we lost of Marketing Manager late last year, so that job has had to be covered by others = we have a BIG announcement around this in the next couple of days = Yay!