Cyberpunk Red Nomad Soundset

Think of it, big, beefy noisy trucks, souped up, armoured street cars and motorbikes, maybe even the odd AV-4 or Aerozep as air support. Chugging along through stinging sandstorms and battering rain, fighting off attacks by gogangers or dodgy corps, and then at night setting up camp and settling round crackling camp fires for whisky, beer and songs of outlaws on the acoustic guitar. Goddamnit! Can’t beat that life on the road. Yeehaw!

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Lemme see what’s already out there:

Souped-up trucks - Exploring Avernus (from Descent into Avernus) has a great mood called “riding through Avernus” which has the sounds of a big vehicle, shocks on the rough road, even some electric guitar licks for riding music. Car Chase 2017 (from Sci-Fi player) also has some great car speeding sounds. Cyberpunk the Apartment does have “motorbikes passing” and “distant helicopter” to add in the gang. (Coincidentally, Exploring Avernus has an element called “a tea shop somewhere” that has some really cool non-Western music too.) For your battles, you could use Modern Weapons, or some bits of the “firefight on the streets” mood from Cyberpunk - Urban Renewal.

For the sandstorm, Desert Planet from Sci-Fi player is a great one, and Natural Disasters (also from Sci-Fi player) has all the rain and wind you could wish.

Camping - Wagon Journey from Sci-Fi player has a “mountain campfire ambiance” and some “chill wind” to suit, while Wild West Town has some “wild west music” that may work. Seedy Tavern from the Fantasy Player has a track called “drunk bard” which sounds like someone noodling around on a banjo. And House Party 2015 has a lot of people chatting, drinking, and occasionally getting into fights.

I hope that helps!


@HECook That’s amazing again! Is there nothing you don’t know about SoundSets? I have a lot of those already. I think there may be an official Cyberpunk Red - Nomad relase in the works anyway (didn’t find that out until after I wrote this post), but that’s an awesome set of ideas to be going on with. Thanks.

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