Cyberpunk - Forlorn Hope? - Resolved


Hey, team! Was great meeting you at GenCon. Came home really hyped to boot up the new Cyberpunk - Forlorn Hope board. It doesn’t seem to be showing up in the Sci-Fi Player. Wondering if there is a delay to it’s release or perhaps I might have been mistaken in thinking that it was released already?

As additional information I’m a SuperSyrin subscriber and on the Cyberpunk - Forlorn Hope page it does say I have access to it already.

Anyway guys, great work and very excited for the future of Syrinscape, especially after getting ears on some of the new stuff at the con!


@cybernauticapod I just double checked your available chapters file (last updated at ~01:21 UTC), August 5, and it does include the Forlorn Hope soundset. Are you seeing it now?

There can be a delay in new content becoming available in the genre players, but it should not be more than a few minutes. The genre players will download a list of available on content on startup and request an updated version every 60 seconds or when you manually “reload” via the settings dialog.

It should typically take two “reload” cycles (up to 2 minutes) before the new content will become available in the genre player. The first reload will recognise that new data is available and trigger regeneration of your available chapters file. The second cycle will actually download your regenerated available chapters file, if has finished processing. If the server is particularly busy, it may take longer.

However, there have been other reports, that are still being investigated, of new and updated content not becoming available in the genre players for much longer.

Did you experience a delay of a few minutes, as described above, or a much longer period?

UPDATE: You can also check the online player. It always has access to the latest content. So if you can see if in the online player but not the genre player, your available chapters file is probably out of date. If that remains the case for several minutes, that could be a bug at our end.


Seems to be in the players library now! Thank you so much!

EDIT: This is honestly the best soundset you guys have done. So good! You’ve raised the bar for sure! (very excited and happy)


Thank you so much! Cyberpunk was the first RPG game I ever played so getting the opportunity to create the official soundsets for It has been amazing! I’m not even back from GenCon yet and am already planning on what Cyberpunk sets we need to do next :grin:


I agree, this one is a piece of art !
As a Judge Dredd and Interface 0 player, I just love this one !