Cyberpunk 2020, scifi tech-y but not in space


I know you have the starfinder sound set. I was wondering if you could make some sounds tailored more for Cyberpunk 2020. Less spacey and more distopian streets, futuristic corporations, inside the net. Things of that nature.


There are already some soundsets covering this. There’s Cyberpunk disco, Running the net and Marketstreet 2076, which provide great basic Cyberpunk ambience. :slight_smile:


Yar, like @new_vision said, there’s quite a few goods ones already.

Market Street 2076 even has a “Bladerunner” mood! There’s also futuristic vehicle sounds and advertisement echoes (like from massive billboards bombarding the streets below). The sounds range from busy marketplaces to smaller, more deserted places.

Cyberpunk Disco has dance and crowd music, but also a mood called “back room negotiations,” which is fantastic for making shady deals. Turn off the muffled music in that mood and it becomes a corporate boardroom!

Running the Net - You want to be a virtual hacker? This lets you be a virtual hacker. Or a hacker at a terminal, with warnings, intruder alarms, connection sounds, etc.

Bordcomputer is another one that could be good. It’s entirely in German, and while the actual translations are for alerts and notifications of things happening on a spaceship, if your players don’t speak German, they could be alerts for a German corporation or computer system. (And even if your players do speak German, some of the alerts are fairly generic, so that could still work.)

Cryogenic Facility could also have some use, as that’s just futuristic enough (in some worlds) to be a good target for industrial espionage.

Combining a few of these elements with sets like Office 2015, Beach Cove 2015, Coffee House 2015, House Party 2015, and City Streets 2015 and you can “future up” a lot of places.

If you have some particularly dystopian areas, think about adding some of the “city ambiance” or “desolate city ambiance” elements from Evil Android into one of the above mentioned sets.

Other sets that might be of some use might be:

*Alien Laboratory (for autopsies, surgery, cyborging someone, etc)
*Evil Android or Cyber Dragon (for escaped experiments)
*Farside City (with the flying vehicles turned off, it’s got great industrial sounds)
*Freedom City 2525 (city sounds, sirens, indistinct public loudspeakers)
*Ghroth (has some good old-school tech sounds)
*Government Facility (also old-school tech, good for deliberate throwback facilities)
*Grue Invasion (lots of good city sounds, both quiet and lively)
*Mech Battle (for when a Jaeger attacks the town)
*Starfinder Handheld Weapons (for the latest experimental tech your group just “liberated”)
*Stellar Throneworld (tech ambiance and indistinct echoing propaganda, also swords if that’s your thing)
*Street Battle (for a fight between rivals or cops/robbers with modern-day guns, but also has energy projectiles if needed)
*Star Island (military sounds, jets, radio calls to helicoptors, tech sounds)
*Toxic Spirit (if you’re in Shadowrun, this one plus Fire/Earth Elemental, would be very useful, also great industrial sounds)
*Zombie Apocalypse (city emergency sounds, also one-shots for news, TV, and radio broadcasts of a generic or nuclear-esque disaster).

Also useful would be Board Game Player’s Casino, because having to get information from a gambling den, piano bar, or poker game (or invading the same) is always a hoot.