Customize UI, online player

I find the UI cumbersome to say the least. I would like to be able to customize the UI to suit my needs. Also think of the person who uses accessability enhancements. This may not be possible due to the fact the player is online, I don’t know, I’m no techie. I wonder then if it would be possible to implement the broadcasting functionality into the standalone/downloadeed player and allowing the customization there. I’m just throwing my ideas out there.

I desire to be able to resize any and all elements of the UI. Most specifically the width and length of the soundset column found on the left side. The font used is enormous and tthe little display picture below the version number is nice and all but let me use that space! Navigating the huge list of available soundsets is a pain currently. (PS- why dont’ i find ‘lost mine of phandelver’ soundsets when searching for lost mine?Yet search for phandelver and I get curse of strahd and every other D&d product?!?) The incredible amount of quality content available with this application is awesome, almost overwhelming. Unfortunately, currently I find it’s just as large of a headache to navigate/search through.

It would be nice to be able to choose fonts or at the minimal resize the fonts for the differing sections individually. It could also be nice to rearrange the default icons but not a deal breaker. Thank you very much for the opportunity to sample the program before committing to a subscription Steve.

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I found a great way to view more of the moods. I was also really wanting to use that space where the little picture is and thinking the font size was too big. Then I saw some of Bens videos and was like “how the heck is he viewing so many of his moods?”.
My instinct was always to try to grab that box and drag it to make it bigger BUT if you find your setting for page zoom (for me on mozilla firefox it’s the little hamburger menu under the + sign to open a new tab) and adjust the zoom of the page. I usually set it to 80% and that means I can view ALL of my moods in a Soundset (10 moods) without any scrolling.Then I set my elements to Large so I can still tap my one shots on my touch screen.

I know the team are currently working hard to improve the online player, the UI and the search function.

Thx Vicki for this. I have tried large badges with 30% zoom and it helps.

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