Custom URI Schemes on Mac

It seems that Syrinscape does not properly handle URI scheme that advertises on a macOS. If one copies link from the app, say:

and then type in terminal:

open syrinscape-fantasy:elements/YnVnYmVhci1iYXR0bGU6Om1hZ2ljLW1pc3NpbGUtYS1jb3B5/play/

it does nothong.
I tries to use and app to associate custom URI scheme with Syrinscape (SwiftDefaultApps), but is seems that URI is passed down to the Syrinscape App and ignored.

@danielm74 macOS support for 3rd party integration links is on our list. I can’t give a solid ETA, but we have recently made some progress in this area.

Using the Online Player (and its LINKS) instead will also get you success for the moment. :slight_smile:

Just spent a bit of time trying to get some sound links added to a Stream Deck on my Mac. I have the latest Syrinscape app installed but ran in to this 2+ year old problem :frowning:

Any ETA on syrinscape-fantasy: uri registering yet?

(I was able to get the restful links to work with the online player, but would prefer to not rely on internet)