Custom SoundSets in Campaign - RESOLVED


Question about the SoundSet Creator and Custom Campaigns that I haven’t quite been able to figure out and find details about.

After I’ve created a custom SoundSet, do I need to Publish it in order for it to be available for use in my Campaign? I can’t tell if that’s something I need to do or not, so I’ve just been trying to Publish each one I’ve made so far. I’ve just hit one that isn’t showing up in the SoundSet list when I try to add to my Campaign, and I’m not sure why it’s not there.


Publishing it sets it to be looked at for community content. For you to use privately you don’t need to publish it. You do need to go to your campaigns on syrinscape a website and add it there to show up under a certain campaign tab.


Alright, good to know. That’s for clearing that up.

On a related note then, I have a SoundSet that I’ve put together in the Creator for a game I’m running. When I go to the Campaigns page, it does not show up in the list of available SoundSets, so I’m unable to add it to my campaign in order to download it to a tablet.

The SoundSet is called Cartoa Town. It includes some custom music samples that I’ve uploaded. I’ve tried looking around the Forums here for suggestions or help, but may of the topics seem to be related to the Creator application prior to it being switch to the web based Creator. They mention sampling and uploading. I don’t have any problems playing the sounds from the Creator interface, but the SoundSet just doesn’t show up in the available list on the Campaigns page.

I’ve also tried using the search feature on the Campaigns page, but it doesn’t seem to work how I’d expect. It looks like maybe it’s got a pre-made list of keywords that it’s indexed on, but won’t just filter by title. As an example, the first item in my list is “Cartoa (Music)” which is my own SoundSet. But when I type, “Cartoa” into the search bar, it comes back with “No soundsets found.”

Any ideas what might be going wrong?

The SoundSet is called Cartoa Indoors


The search feature is not as robust as I’d like it to be. Try searching for just a partial of the name. I have soundsets labeled as (Paneal) for my campaign but I just have to search P to make them come show up.


Searching for C results in the same “No soundsets found.” response. Even though in the list one of my unpublished sets “Cartoa (Music)” is right at the top of the list. The filter at the top is set to “All”. All of my SoundSets are under the SciFi category.

I wasn’t aware that I didn’t need to publish them before (due to my original question basically). Of the 3 sets I’ve made, one of them was approved for community use (no custom sounds), 1 was not (custom music) and shows up at the top of the list on the Campaigns page, and 1 (custom music) does not show up at all.

On making changes to the SoundSet in the Creator, I get a little animated “loading” type icon, and if I mouse over it it says something to the effect of “Preparing SoundSet for download in SciFi Player”. If I leave it alone for a while, the icon will eventually go away, but that one SoundSet still does not show on the Campaigns page.


@sufud @davinci522 You don’t need to add your private soundsets to a campaign to make them available in the genre players. You just need to wait (hopefully ~5-10 minutes) for a snapshot to be prepared and then it should appear in the main list of soundsets (near the bottom of the list).

But if you do want to add them to a campaign, your private soundsets should also appear in the list alongside official soundsets and community content.

Looks like the campaign manager search could use an update. @sufud can you tell me the name of the soundset you are expecting to see but do not see in the campaign manager?


@sonofconan Your suggestion of looking at the bottom of the list helped. I do see it at the bottom now. I hadn’t scrolled down to the bottom before, so it may have been there before. It is showing up in both the Campaign page (at the bottom) and in the SciFi player (at the bottom).

Oddly, another one of my sets shows up at the top. One called “Cartoa Town” is at the bottom, while another called “Cartoa (Music)” is at the top. I have noticed that the color coding is different on the campaign page for those sets, and now know that I had one of those set to the Fantasy category and the other set to SciFi. I could certainly see that having an impact on the ordering somehow.

I think I’m good now. This has been very helpful to clear up some confusion on my end on how to sync SoundSets to my other devices and how to find them (just wait and look at the bottom of the list!).

The search functionality on the Campaign page could certainly use a look I think. I’m not sure if that search index is pre-cached or something, or if it’s looking for keywords or tags that I’m missing. Incidentally, the search functionality in the SciFi player seems to work just fine and finds what I would expect. It’s just the Campaigns page that gives me trouble.

I think a useful feature on the Campaign page could possibly the ability to sort by name. When on the “All” category listing at the top, my “Cartoa Town” SoundSet is at the very bottom. But when I switch to “SciFi” it is not at the bottom anymore, and is a couple of rows up. I could easily see it getting lost, and with more sets being added regularly, being able to sort (or at least have a default sorting option) would be helpful. Especially seeing how many community SoundSets are created with a prefix, it would group them together nicely.

It also might be nice to have a “My SoundSets Only” filter option on the Campaign page, which would greatly reduce the amount of clutter showing up in that list.

Just some suggestions for the future. Thanks for both of your help @sonofconan and @davinci522.


I think that tags are not getting written to new SoundSets, so that’s why they are not turning up in searches there.

I think that’s something we can fix. @sonofconan will take a look at this. :slight_smile: :bug::hammer:


@sufud @davinci522 @benjamin This is improved now. Your private soundsets should show up in the campaign manager as soon as they are created, and in the same order as shown in the master interface.

That means your private soundsets grouped at the top in the order you have chosen, followed by official and community content soundsets in the order we have specified.

There’s still some work to do on the search. It will only return results for an exact case sensitive match (lowercase) against soundset tags. Each word in a soundset title and its mood and element names is converted to a tag.

So a search for “bugbear” will match “Bugbear Battle” (but “bug” and “Bugbear” won’t match). And a search for “fire” will match “Bugbear Battle” because it contains an element named “Fire spell”.