Custom soundsets have disappeared? - RESOLVED


So, a few months ago, I created several custom soundsets for using in my current campaign. I get on to start making sure things are good to go and up to date in preparation for our first game in over 2 months to find that my subsciption has lapsed. I re-up my sub, only to find out that my weeks worth of work from months ago is gone. The custom campaign is there, but empty. The soundsets I created appear to no longer exist. And presumably since it is currently the middle of the night in Australia, the creator will not allow me to log in, saying I do not have access. Are my soundsets forever lost?
I am very frustrated right now. One of those soundsets I spent probably about 4 hours of work putting together for a very emotional scene in my game, which I am running in about 18 hours. Even if I got access to the creator in the next couple of hours, I simply do not have time to put this soundset back together, as I need to sleep then head to work.
Please don’t take this as some sort of harsh criticism of Syrinscape. I absolutely love this product, I just feel like I’m in a hopeless situation right now.


When did you restart your subscription? It may take the server some time to process your payment and verify your subscription.

What kind of sub to you start? I assume a Supersyrin subscription? You didn’t have a server access subscription during the time you didn’t use Syrinscape? There may be a possibility that your custom soundsets are gone, but unless you’re verified again, that’s only a guess.

Maybe @Steve can help you out here real quick and shed some light.


Yes, it is a Supersyrin sub, just like last time. In my panic, I didn’t think of how long it might take to process the payment.


Hi @starwind1985, we don’t delete any of the created soundsets so as long as you uploaded them and they worked ok before then they will still be there.

Since you can’t log into the Creator or view your soundsets it sounds as if either your sub hasn’t yet gone through or that this account and your old one haven’t linked together. Do you want to email us at support and then we can take a proper look at your account for you