Custom Soundset not appearing in player


I have created a custom soundset and it appears in the campaign section on the website but my players cannot find it.

I’ve tried reloading, closing and reopening, reloading again.



What is the name of your custom soundset?

There are a few things that could have happened. First of all - especially at weekends it could take some time for the soundset to show. Sometimes it helps to hit reload in the players (gear icon in the lower left hand corner and then choose reload). If not, it may be stuck during the validation progress and needs to get a little nudge - in that case you can reach out for support at syrinscape dot com or tag @Benjamin or @Steve here to take a look.

Apart from that there may be a broken sample preventing the soundset from being transcoded properly.

As you said that you reuploaded the set, do you see multiple instances (numbered as (1), (2)…)when checking the “my campaigns” link on the web page?



The soundset is called “Wicken Town Final”
It’s basically a merger between two existing soundsets so I doubt it’ll be a transcoding issue.

Yeah I’ve tried reloading the players, still not working.
@benjamin or @Steve could you have a look :slight_smile:


The soundsets “Wicken Town Final” and “Wicken Town Final (01)” are both showing on the server and are tagged as Fantasy soooo they should both appear in the Fantasy Player. When the server is busy (which it is at the weekends) is sometimes takes a little longer to populate and sync across to the Players but it should be showing by now. I’ve just given your account a gentle kick to try and chase away the goblins, do you want to take another look and see if it has appeared in the Fantasy player?


They still aren’t appearing.


OK, then hit the export button instead of the upload one. That will then create a zip folder with your soundset. Take a look at the size of the folder, if it is over 100mb then that will be your problem. If a soundset is over this size then the server isn’t able to push it out to the Players so you will need to either reduce the number of elements in your soundset or split it into two


Its 79MB zipped, 80 when extracted, so under 100.


@Steve Have you tried giving yourself ownership of these and installing them yourself?


Oop! I see the server has NOT been able to successfully create a chapter file.

@Steve If you sort the Elements Page by these SoundSets, you’ll note that there are NOT elements… which means something broke the import.

@ryan Send me the zip and I’ll try an upload myself. That’ll throw an error that i can share with you.


It’s fine.
I only need it for one session tomorrow. I’ll just run the music from the computer that I created it on.
Thanks for your help!


Can u send me the zip (via dropbox or some other file sharing thing) so I can work out what was wrong for you … for next time?