Custom sounds help (Online)


I want to create a one-shot that has a delay. According to the video I have to attach it to a mood…

I would like to keep the random on, but if I change it to SFX it plays through all of them, is there a way around that?



Can you explain a bit more? What do you mean a one shot with a delay? You want to start it with a mood but delay from the start?


You can set a one shot to start with a mood, but not with a delay. If you want to fire of a sound at a set time the best method is to set up a new element containing the sample that you want. set the sample start time to what ever delay you want and the untick the "Repeat when playlist is exhausted box on the element. Now your sample will play at the specified time and will play the sample once and stop, allowing the rest of the mood to continue as usual


Ok, great that helped, onto issue two. When the mood is activated, it works great… but it stays on. Even though it there is only one element in that mood. Is there a sample that will turn off the mood that I could put as the second sample in the list?



Samples do not control the state of moods. When you press the play button on the mood it will continue to play until the stop button at the top is pushed, a new mood is played, or you press the original button again. If you are looking for remote starting and stopping there is a start and stop API that you can get and use with macros within another software if that software allows it.


Ok, just to be clear, there is no way to program it using your web interface? Like, could one mood activate another?
My issue: I have a mood with one element activate: walla, perfecto. But the next time it activates… nothing. Why? cause it just shut the mood off.


Correct. Hitting the mood button activated it, turning the button blue and playing all the sounds. Hitting the same button again deactivates it turning it white and stopping the sounds. If you want something to play once every time you hit it, especially if you are only using one sounds, you want a one shot not a mood. Moods are meant to play multiple sounds with the click of one button.


Cool thank you. As I said above, it has to have a delay.


Is it a sample you created yourself?


Is it just one sound or part of an ambience with a timed sequence of sounds. Like @davinci522 said originally if you tell us a bit more then we can help you better.

But as has been said already;

  1. If it’s just one sound then use a one-shot, that way you can trigger it whenever you need it
  2. If its part of a sequence put it as an element in a mood following the instructions I posted above. Moods are set to continue until you stop them or start a new one. So you could start the mood, let it play until it has done what you wanted and then start the next mood needed for your adventure.
  3. If it’s your own sample add as much silence as you need to the beginning of the sample, then upload it to Syrinscape Online and create a one-shot. You can then connect that one-shot to trigger at the start of the mood. the Silence will give you the delay that you wanted.

Take a look at Incident on Absalom Station: The Drift Rock “A walk in space” for a good example of a mood that uses multiple timed elements to hive a sequence of events :slight_smile:


Thank you all!
I probably should mention what I am doing. Though I have my answer.

I use fantasy grounds, and I have automatic sounds go off.
I have a sounds for an attack (sword swing)
Then I have it check if it is a hit or a miss. a different sound for each. so it is a one shot, but needs a delay so it does not go ever the ‘swing’ sound.

Why not make a sound with both on it delayed perfectly?
-because my game can’t recognize the swing and hit at the same time, they have to be separate. What I did in the past was just ignored the swing, which looks like I will do again, or see how bad the on/off moods go.


I’m not sure if your exact set up but could you make two one shots? Each having the same sword swing sound but the “hit” has a sword hitting sound and the “miss” has a whiffing sound. Then your game can just check for hit or miss and not attack. One shots should be able to play sounds in order and hit and miss will have a different API to call.

If I understand everything correctly the sounds would come after the roll but you would get a more see less sound without needing delays or having sounds play over each other.