Custom Sound Sets


Is there a way to pull sound bytes from several different sound sets to create my own sound set? I’m running a home brew currently and want to pull the roars of the red dragon into another sound set for an upcoming shadow dragon battle set in the depths of Garumn’s Gorge “Mithral Hall” and want to pull sound from a few sound sets. Is this possible?


With the Sound Set Creator, it’s possible! Or you could create a custom mood. Either one would work.

The Sound Set Creator comes with the SuperSyrin subscription, and Ben has several YouTube videos on how to work it (that are also on this site). A custom mood could be done by starting the enigmatic silence in the Custom Mood set, then starting whatever other various elements you want running. Then hit the + button in Custom Moods and name your mood. The next time you hit that mood, all of those sounds will start playing.

Alternatively, there is a shadow dragon battle in the set Ziggurat of Night, if you’d like something that’s already done!


Many many thanks and well met sir. I figured it out, and i absolutely love your product!