Custom Sound Sets & Subscription - RESOLVED


I have a question concerning the subscription model. Let’s say that I had a sub and then, for a time (whatever span) I had to cancel it because I was not playing a campaign at the moment. If I created some sound sets for my campaign and then later I were to start up my campaign again, if I took up again a sub of Syrinscape to use the sounds, would those sound sets I created still be available or would I have to recreate them with the SoundSet Editor? Would my initial cancelation of the sub also destroy the sets I developed? Is there a way to put the sub on HOLD (a la HULU style)? Sometimes a campaign stops, and I don’t need to continue a subscription for something I am not really using. The software, by the way, looks amazing! Great job!!! :smile:


Hey @createaflow

Your Custom SoundSets will always be attached to your account.

They will be accessible and usable when every you have ANY level of subscription active, including the $5/m server access subscription.

So yes, you will be able to build a whole lot of Custom SoundSets, use them for a while. Stop you sub, go away for 12 months, come back and grab ANY kind of sub again and all your Custom SoundSets will still be there.

Does that answer your question? :slight_smile:


Yes, it surely does! I truly appreciate the (fast) feedback and, once again, thank you for the awesome work you all developed! :smiley: