Custom Sound sets individualized

I’m a SuperSyrin subscriber, and I’m curious if I’m able to make custom sound sets by copying only individual sound files from the various collections into one set. The library is gratifyingly huge, but rarely does one sound set fit all my needs, and bouncing between them breaks the flow of the game.

Hi James, if you’re talking about individual elements, then yes you can just copy that element to a soundset.

Just make a note of what elements you want, Create a new SoundSet by clicking the + symbol next to where it says Soundsets in the Online Master Interface, then find the Elements you want to include in that Soundset and Copy them to Soundset.

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Thank you, I will experiment with this.

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Thank you Vicki, I was able to figure it out with your directions and a little playing about. Ben’s video helped some too. I’m not as young as I once was, it takes a little more effort to learn new things.

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No worries at all. Have fun and feel free to ask if you nee any further help.