Custom Sound Set on IPhone app not IPad app


I created 2 custom sound sets: “Mara Wilderness” and “Wilderness Goblin Battles”. I got them on my iphone fantasy Syrinscape app last night when I selected all soundsets. I put them into my campaign, was named Dor but I accidentally deleted that campaign as I was trying to fix this problem and it is now called Sheldomar.

I can see the campaign on the website in my campaign but when I go/went to the campaign on fantasy app on phone it wasn’t there. I reloaded several times and even waited overnight and still not there. I went to my iPad and I can’t even find the soundsets in the “all soundset” section, after several reload attempts on that device. Needless to say it isn’t in the campaign there either but it still shows on the website in my campaign when I’m signed in.

I hope this makes sense because it’s the best I can describe it. It seems similar to one thread I read from March about custom soundsets not downloading or appearing: ”Custom Sound Sets Don’t Download”


Ok, once I posted this it suddenly appeared after 24 hours. Not sure I understand how that happened. But it just pushed through.


Thanks Ben! Seems like support got it fixed in minutes, so fast I couldn’t even believe it had happened and thought it happened on its own!


Yeah, the server is behaving a little slowly for SOME updates at the moment. We are working on the ‘why’ and the ‘how to fix’ at the moment. :bug: :crossed_swords:


@gregalso1 I’ve just deployed an update that I hope will help with the slow/missing genre player updates. Please let me know if you’re still seeing a long delay before changes to campaigns or private/custom soundsets in the creator show up in the genre player. Soundsets shouldn’t take more than ~10 minutes, typically, and campaigns should be quicker still.