Custom music and playlists


Hi, thank you for this awesome program :slight_smile:

I have a suggestion about custom music.
When I run a game, I often switch between ambient (Syrinscape) and “narrative music”.

The ambient covers 80% of the game while the “narrative music” is only for long descriptions or significant events (death of a PC/NPC, discovering a new area, etc.).

Problem is : “narrative music” is most of the time custom. Something that is not found in Syrinscape (at least for me). Playing this music alongside Syrinscape is kind of painful. From what I know, there are two options :

  • With a SuperSyrin sub (that I have), I can upload the music to a Soundset, but this take time (in France, the servers are quite slow). If I have more than 10 tracks, the player doesn’t make it easy to find the appropriate track. I need to update the playlist almost every session, the process of repeating that is long. I can not predict when the track should be played, so I need to “stack” the music on top of a mood “on the fly”.
  • I currently use a second player (like VLC), but I need to switch between Syrinscape and the second player which is not very handy.

What I suggest is having a special playlist overlay in the player (just like the one-shots) or a second panel for the custom music.

  • Without having to upload the tracks with the creator (the SuperSyrin sub could be required tho) but by simply drag and drop a folder into the player (no sync, just local).
  • In a small list with play, pause, volume buttons
  • Allowing us to easily play music on top of whatever Syrinscape is playing


I like this idea. I have a similar time when doing battle music. I have to stop the current music, switch to my battle music soundset and turn it on. If I could keep music like that in a sidebar so it is always at the ready it would make things a lot more seemless