Custom Moods - What am I doing wrong?


Hi all,

New to Syrinscape here, and trying to get to grips with Custom Moods. I’ve watched the how-to video and I’m pretty sure I’m following the steps correctly, but it seems whenever I save a Custom Mood it only ever saves half the sounds I have playing (usually it misses out the background music).

Am I doing something wrong? My understanding is that you just get everything you want on the custom sound playing at once, adjust levels accordingly, then play the ‘Enigmatic Silence’, hit ‘+’ then save the new soundset.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Your method is correct. When stuff like this happens with music, you should take a look at the music element you are using in the custom mood. Some music elements have a build in delay and start a little later and not with the start of the mood.


I thought this, but I’ve let the custom mood play for long enough that the music should have started. Guess I’ll just need to try and play around with it a bit more! It seems to work every now and then.


To test it properly, use a music element that definitely has no delay. You can find some in Witchwood (labeled with “no delay”) - maybe try your custom moods with them and see if the problem still occurs.