Custom Moods Resetting - WORKING ON THIS


Hey! Just finished setting up my campaign for tomorrow night after having to move my Syrinscape program to a new computer. HOWEVER, on both systems now I’ve experienced an issue where, after putting quite a bit of time and effort into creating a large selection of “Custom Moods”, they all disappear. I had a “Custom Moods III” set up to be the entire dungeon play-through…then, after installing “DoD Vyre Banquet”, they all vanished. Gone. I tried doing a reload, nothing; closed and reopened, nothing. At this point, since the game is tomorrow night, I give up. I’m not doing it all for a third time.

Does anyone else experience this issue? If it’s just me, what am I probably doing wrong to cause it?

Thanks for the help!


I’m running Syrinscape on an iPad and what’s happening is that every time I download a new soundset, all of the custom moods I’ve created in the CURRENT session, disappear. Custom Moods created in previous sessions remain. I don’t know if this is similar to what’s happening to you. I avoid the problem by always quitting and restarting the program before downloading new sound sets. It took me a long while to figure out what was prompting the disappearance of my custom moods.


That’s exactly it! Moving forward, I’ll be sure to go through that (annoying) process to prevent the (more annoying) loss of custom soundsets. Thanks for the tip!


I don’t know what your license status is (fantasy/scifi sub, supersyrin, individual purchases), but the best solution for this is to create a soundset for yourself. If you go through the procedure to activate every element you need and then safe it in a custom mood, you might as well recreate it in the Creator and upload it for your use in the according player.

But i agree, this - probably Goblin induced - feature can be quite annoying. :wink:


OK!!! YAY!

The way bug fixes work is this:

  1. Someone reports a problem
  2. The dev team tries to reproduce the problem
  3. If the dev team can’t reproduce the problem, that’s a bit of an issue!
  4. I have, in the past tried to reproduce this, and not been able! grrr!
  5. BUT, it looks like we might have an actual more clearly defined thing here now!
  6. Thank you, @Lindsay_jarratt!
  7. I’ll give that a try… as many times as I can, until I can get it to NOT work! :smiley:
  8. @matt_owen89 I am SOOOO SORRY for your painful experiences! I’d really like to sort this one out, as soon as possible… hopefully your post and the additional comments might be the final clue we need!

*crossing ALL fingers and toes


Hi, Did anyone figure this issue out? It is happening to me right now.

Created several moods for a camaign in FG today.

Then I installed a new soundset to create a new one and the custom moods disappeared.

I have older ones created that do NOT clear when I install a new soundset.



@mardragon7 I don’t currently have an answer about or direct experience with custom moods disappearing from the genre players, but did you know you can now create persistent custom moods via the online player? These are stored on the server, unlike custom moods created in the genre players which are local to that device only. You can then install your custom soundset with its custom moods in all your genre player devices.


Does hitting reload under settings make the Moods appear? :slight_smile:

OR is something ‘cleaning up’ your registery perhaps?

Is this on a PC or MAC?


Hi. Thank you for responding.

I posted here after finishing the preparation session last night.

I just opened the software and my “missing moods” are back. I swear Fg links to them was silent last night and trying to figure why, they did not appear, Installing a new soundset was the only possible reason at the time.

It suggest to me, that your suggestion to reload, would have worked.

Since you ask, it is a PC, not that it is relevant anymore, I just dont want a MAC linked with me as a possibility :slight_smile:

@sonofconan Genre players, Is that the software and the content I am subbed to use? I do not know anything about a online player. I use this for FG only and do not forsee I will use anything but my PC when it comes to devices.

Thank you guys for the help :slight_smile:


Was able to recreate it now.

Made snake sounds on new custom mood in DH Old Tower, Installed Zombie battle. New snake mood went away. Click Reload and it is back.

All ok.

Signing out. Cheers. :slight_smile:



I am still experiencing a bug similar to this.
Using and Samsung Tablet.

I hope you have a fix for this soon…


Yeah, this is still a huge problem for me, kind of approaching a deal breaker. I have custom moods I need to use week after week, and they keep vanishing. Recreating the same Custom Moods, esp. a lot of them, three-four-five times is driving me nuts.

I run the fantasy player on a MacBook Pro. The same thing happened when I used to run Syrinscape on an iPad.

Here are things that make Custom Moods vanish:

  1. If you create a custom moods, then update or load another sound set, the custom moods vanish. This doesn’t happen if you quit the program, then reopen the program again before updating or loading the other sound set.

  2. Whenever new sound sets are released and appear in the menu, all of my custom moods vanish.

Clicking Reload DOES NOT bring back the Custom Moods. Once they vanish, they are gone for good.

What can be done about this? This is a really old problem that’s never been addressed.