Custom Moods not accessible on Syrinscape Online?


Apologies if covered elsewhere but is this a known bug or future feature?: I’d like to play custom moods I created on the desktop app for a campaign via the Syrinscape Online Master Interface/Minion. I see the Custom Mood soundset in the campaign on the Master Interface, but it has no data (no custom moods I created).

Is that data shared only in the desktop version and not synced via campaigns on the server?

More’s the point, do I have to recreate those moods (leading to a guessing game as to what I put in them–that’d be a neat feature, a readout on a custom mood), or will they not work at all? Thanks


Hi Hector,
The Syrinscape guys seem to be off sipping margueritas lying on a tropical beach somewhere with lousy WiFi, so answering purely as a fellow user…
As far as I can tell, the Moods you create using the Custom Moods Soundsets are purely local to the device they’re created on. There’s no way to sync these between devices, or up to the server where Online lives. So Online will only show you the “clean” version of the Custom Moods soundset i.e. before you started customising it.
The only way to get customised moods working in Online is to create them as new Soundsets with the Creator, for which you’ll need a Supersyrins subscription.
No idea if using Custom Moods in Online is on the Syrinscape roadmap, but I very much doubt it.


Thanks. Thanks what I was guessing, too. I am a Supersyrin Sub so can make customized moods online, just didn’t know to do so the first time around.

Going forward, I’ll plan to create two copies of custom moods–one local, one online–simultaneously, since both are important (either could be used with different configurations/needs for sound/broadcast).

Feature request: Add “read out” to Custom Moods to allow creators to see, after the fact, what mix of elements is in a custom mood. (Most of us will forget pretty shortly after we made it.)


Be aware that there are apparently some issues with uploading - it took me a while to get it to work in a way that would get the online player to sync.


If only! PaizoCon and UK Games Expo so LOTS of travelling but we are back now :smile:

And yes like @DrVesuvius said custom moods built in the Players are only accessible in the Player. To sync moods and soundsets between Players and the Online Player you will need to use the Syrinscape Soundset Creator.



Custom moods will appear in the next month as we unlock ALL of the Creator features within the Online Player.

The intention is to make Custom Moods accessible to everyone using the Online Player… and make ALL the other Creator Features (including uploading samples) available to our wonderful SuperSyrins.