Custom Moods for Online Play


So, with the pandemic a thing, my group is moving online. I am looking to use Online Player, but finding a potential pinch: is there away to use the Custom Moods sound sets in Online Mode like I could with the desktop player? Where I can have elements going from lots of different sets, click on enigmatic silence, then save a temp mood?

I did a small test with one of my custom soundsets that I can edit, and it pulled all of the elements from other soundsets into the one I made the test in, and that is less than ideal for how I’ve been meshing and mixing sounds from lots of different sets at a time to build custom moods for a single night’s game. Or is the idea I should just make a temp soundset and let it pull all those in?



@rwblaylock that is the way it works at the moment. You can customise moods, but any elements that are configured to play with a mood need to exist in that soundset. You could have one soundset for this purpose, but it will accumulate many elements over time. I’ll log this issue as something to look at, but I don’t have anything in mind to resolve it as yet and can’t promise when this might change.


Thanks. I did just make a “Customy Moody” soundset and built out what I needed for the night. from my campaign’s soundsets. I guess it won’t be too annoying to add and subtract from it as I need, or just delete the soundset and start fresh as we move to new locals. Just a new workflow with a few new steps to it.