Custom Moods for Dummys?

Hello everyone,

up to quite recently I used the Fantasy Player and Voice Meter to send sounds through Discord to my Players.

Now we all got ourselves the Online Player and the sound is so much better and more stable.


I seem to be too dumb to create Custom Moods from several sounds the way I used to do in Fantasy Player. Searching for the different sounds and get them all started during the game is really bothersome. I googled and googled, searched the forum and reddit but I still don’t understand how to prepare Custom Moods that let me start several sounds of my choice at once when channging scenes/locations like I could do in the Fantasy Player.

Can someone explain it to me like for absolute dummys ? I would highly appreciate this.

Thanks a lot

I can only speak of my personal experience creating Custom Moods and I do all of that in the Soundset Creator. If you’re a supersyrin you’ll have access to the Soundset Creator.

I probably shouldn’t admit this but I’ve never used the offline players to create custom moods so Im sure someone else can walk you through that better but if you have access to the Soundset Creator, this is how to create a Custom Mood.

If you already have a Soundset you’re using and just want to modify it, you can go into Properties and hit Duplicate.
This will allow you to customise it.
If you want to create a Custom Mood, click the + icon on the right and it’ll add a new Mood to that Soundset. Now you can trigger all of the sounds and elements you want to be playing in that mood and under Properties, you click Save Current State and it saves it as it is.
If you want to add in more sound elements or music or one shots, head over to Library on the right hand side and search for the elements or samples you want (e.g. screams, fire, dragon etc) and then add those to your Soundset, you’ll need to turn them on and click “Save Current State” again to save it. You can even customise the delay so the sound doesnt trigger straight away when you switch to that mood. You can alter the delay between samples too and the reverb.

And there you have your Custom Mood. That will then show up in your Fantasy Player too :smiley:

I hope that makes sense. If you have more questions, let me know.


thank you very much. I will try this.
It’s so much to learn and get used to on top of the VTT program, Map creators etc :smile:

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I always think the sound should just be a simple addition. If it’s taking up too much of your time and adding extra stress, just keep it simple.

Maybe find just a couple of moods that you really like that could be used for any situation like a general outdoor ambience, dangerous situation music, dungeon ambience and then battle music (or whatever works for you) that you can whip out each session. But thats also the joy of Syrinscape building the official Soundsets. Takes all the hard work out of it for us :slight_smile:

I should really take my own advice. I love spending hours making the perfect soundset for each adventure. There is a lot to learn but once you start playing with it, it becomes much easier. And addictive.

Have fun


I am pretty new to the Supersyrin subscription and absolutely overwhelmed by the huge amount of soundsets. So it is actually easier for me to pick out elements and put them together for the scene I plan.

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Oh perfect. Then you’ll love the Soundset Creator.

Any chance you are a German speaking person? Traumweber suggests that somehow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I am :slight_smile:
Pretty sure my English shows it as well, doesn’t it? At least that I am not a native speaker?

Dein Englisch ist sehr gut, mach dir da mal keine Gedanken. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Wenn du ne Einführung in den Creator brauchst, schick mir ne Nachricht.

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