Custom campaign sounds deleted and soundsets changing places?


I have had the problem with custom sounds being deleted within my campaign.
The other problem is the sound-sets keep changing the order I have put them in?
This is the the fantasy player.

I know I know I should use the Soundset creator


I am using Bitdefender if that could have anything to do with why my custom soundtracks are being Deleted :frowning:
@benjamin can you send me a intro video to the soundset creator…I cant take it anymore of the losing my soundtracks buhhuuuh huuh huu :japanese_goblin:


If Bitdefender prevents registry access then yes, it could be a reason why your custom moods disappear (as they are stored in the registry).


Yep like Bens said before any program that cleans or defends your registry can and will delete custom moods. Custom moods are really only meant as a quick and easy way to save sounds between and before sessions. Syrinscape Online and the Creator are definitely the way to go if you want to build your own soundsets and have them available on all of your devices

The tutorial vids already have their own thread here on the forums but to get you started here is a link to the first one, good luck! And feel free to ask questions here :slight_smile:


thx @Steve and thx @new_vision for the feedback. Do that mean that it changes the list of the playlist in my campaign to in my fantasy player?


i AM STARTING TO FIGURE THINGS OUT- THIS IS AMAZING!!! :laughing::wink::blush::yum::sunglasses::kissing_heart::kissing::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::relaxed::slightly_smiling_face::hugs::star_struck: