Custom Campaign not Updating on iOS App

I’m loving Syrinscape, and used it for the first time for my regular in-person sessions last night – everyone loved it!

I went in and made some updates and changes to the custom sound set I used, but the changes haven’t taken place on the Fantasy Player app on my iPad. I waited overnight, and am still not seeing any changes or updates reflected on the app. I’ve cleared the data for the sound set, and reinstalled it, with no changes.

Is there something else I should try? Or do I need to just be patient and wait for the left hand to catch up to the right?

Thanks for a great tool and awesome sound library!

We can help. :slight_smile: Drop the name of the SoundSet here and I’ll give it a hit with a hammer. That should get it restarted if it is stuck.

Awesome! Thank you so much!

I have it labeled “Lumberjacks DIP V2.0”

Hmmm… mysterious!

I don’t see anything on the server called:
Lumberjacks DIP V2.0
or even

Can you copy the name directly from the Web Player?

OK. I see it.

It is called:
Lumberjack’s DIP V.2


I search for every little bit of that name until I found it! :smiley:

There’s also a (custom) version.

Which one is the one you are wanting?

OK. :slight_smile:

That bump is done, so BOTH should be showing in the Fantasy Player as the latest version. :trophy:

Looking for a reason for the failed chapter prepare, I see the size of the download is bigger than 200MB… so you are probably hitting the timeout limit on our server process. :robot: :octopus:

Sounds like a good time to break that one into two bits and you shouldn’t running into the timeout again. :pizza: :cupcake:

Thank you! Sorry for the delayed response – checking on this while working.

I’ll be sure to break it up into multiple smaller sounds sets moving forward.

Hey, @benjamin, I’m still having the same issue.

I went in a broke up the sound set, and created two custom sound sets, with some custom elements, but neither of them are showing up in Fantasy Player:

Combat SFX v.3
General Ambiance

Are these sound sets still too big? Some of the sound sets I’ve downloaded, such as SLW Leilon are over 200MB but installed on the fantasy player with no issue.

I bumped both of these.

Are they showing now?

ALSO: we are investigating why this is happening to SOME people SOME of the time (pesky bug!) :robot: :bug: :hammer: