Curse of the Crimson Throne?


I saw on the calendar that you were releasing Soundsets for Curse of the Crimson Throne this spring / summer but I don’t see anything from it out yet - do you have any update on when the first couple of chapters are likely to be released? I’m running the campaign at the moment and just at the end of Chapter 1, so it would be great to know if these were likely to be coming soon enough for me to make use of.


So Curse should come out sometime in the next 14 days… almost certainly before Gen Con… then next month will be the final Chapter of Strange Aeons, then we should be able to push back onto Schedule after that.

We had a bit of a pipeline issue getting content done as I have had more and more CEOing stuff to do… AND because of the quietly looming and super exciting DnD thing!

BUT now we have just got a whole lot of extra hours of wonderful people doing SoundSet building (as of July 1) soooo… things are really speeding up again.

THANK YOU for everyone’s patience!


Splendid! I am really looking forward to this one. Thank you.


Just noticed that edge of anarchy has been released. It is even better than expected. Thank you very much!


The second chapter of Crimson Throne should be released beginning to mid October if everything goes as planned. :wink:


I’ve had a listen to Edge of Anarchy, indeed, sounds fantastic! Kind of want to rush through my Ruins of Azlant campaign to run Curse now :slight_smile:


Ahh, I could have used most of the EoA about 4 months ago, but used the DW sound set (along with the set up) and the group was amazed. Fortunately, when we finish this chapter I get to take a slight break behind the screen before I pick back up so hopefully Chapter 2 will be out in Mid-October so I can use it then.


Wow! So much happiness on this thread! :slight_smile:

Congrats to @new_vision for such good work with the sounds!!!