Curse of Strahd

I’m running curse of Strahd.
Here What i’m Going to use


I was just looking to see if there was anything set for Curse of Strahd! I’m a player in the campaign and if you want I’ll share the unbelievably crazy shit we did in Vallaki (? Idk how its spelt)

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We arrive into Vallaki with the wine and get the introduction of the village and all the weird shit going on. Fast forward to the dinner with the Baron. after short amount of dialogue about how we need to dress yadda yadda yadda. The our Tiefling Warlock of the Fiend Pack decides to cast suggestion on the dude “Why don’t you just give us the dress, and go fuck yourself?” which fails… And then the DM has the son do THE SAME DAMN THING. “Yeah Dad, why do you just give them the dress, and go fuck yourself!” AND IT FUCKING WORKS. So he leaves to bring the dress, and the warlock casts charm on the wife and the dude with the weird hand that everything is chill (succeeds) and we get the fuck outta the house. The following session is us trying to complete all of the quests that were going to span over the next 3 days into 8 hours (how long until the suggestion on the Baron wears off, because I guess the son loves shits and giggles.) Finding the bones of the Saint and dealing with the six Vampires in the coffin shop (I’m a Aasimar Paladin with the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind so we made quick work of them), our human investigator who records fucking everything wanted to transcribe a copy of the book at the church which takes a heckin long time, dealing with the Rich Bitch and all of her shit, get whatever it was from Ritavio’s wagon, which was in the process of being stolen, and gathering everything and everyone to get the hell out of town before shit really hits the fan.
Incredibly, with a lot of quick thinking for the DM I’m sure, as well as some creativity from each of the players we took care of everything, we stop a cultist raid lead by Rich Bitch after our human started a rumor in favor of us against the Baron, encouraging them to riot and overthrow the Baron while he’s… hindered. If you’re ever interested in all of the details and have over five hours to spare, we streamed it.