Curse of Strahd Packs Release Date

Is there a tentative release date for chapters 4, 6, and beyond sound packs for the Curse of Strahd campaign?

Great Question!

I figured it was going to piggyback with Rime of the Frostmaiden sound sets but I suppose I’m wrong.

Heya both, :slight_smile: :smiley:

Chapters 6-9 are THIS WEEK.

10-14 are in for approval with Wizards.

@ominousbarry has almost finished production on everything else.

These are… …BIG!

Chapter 4 is BIG. It should be finished on the production level this month. Possible available next month

My group is currently roaming the west/southwest of Barovia. Could I please get access to a preview version of chapters 10-14 (I have a SuperSyrin subscription)?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Heya @Isilion

Once Wizards have approved the content we can look at an unlock for you. :slight_smile: Though… we WILL try and get it out and in the store as quick as we can after that approval either way!

Hey @Benjamin,

thanks a lot for the information. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Wizards will approve the sound sets before long.

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Hya Benjamin, is it going in the good direction ? Bests

Curse of Strahd Chapters 10-15 are due out later this week :slight_smile:

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Where are we on further releases?

Chapter 4 is in for approval with WotC.

Is that all the Chapters, I think? :thinking:

Awesome, been enjoying this one so far. Great ambiance and music.


What is the status on Chapter 4? My players may be going to the Castle to have or be dinner tonight.

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Chapter four is planned for a little later this month

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Managed to use the Castle Ravenloft soundset as this was just the dinner invitation. Went well, looking forward to chapter 4 release before they need to return.