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Hello everyone. I am a player and GM in multiple games, and I also run Syrinscape in all our games. We use the online player beta paired with fantasy grounds and roll20.
A feature that I would like to see is a playlist that shows you all of the elements that are currently being played. I am mainly building the soundscape in real time as the GM is describing the environment. Since I am searching for the sounds live, its difficult to keep track which playlist they are in and even more difficult to adjust a single element (example, “it stops raining”).
A playlist that shows all of the currently playing elements would be so helpful to be able to quickly adjust the levels as well.
It would also be an easy list to use to “create playlist”

thank you,

Forgive me if this is already a topic, I searched but didn’t see it.

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This is an excellent suggestion that we ALREADY have ticketed up and ready to work on. It’s NOT near the top of the list yet, but I personally will be VERY happy when we get the time to get this one done! :slight_smile:

Keep the suggestions coming!


Would the API status page be able to give you some of what you want?