Current iPhone/iPad Player Version


Hello. I just downloaded the players on my iPhone and iPad and I noticed that the date for these versions is 1.3.3-20160816. Is there a more recent version of the player for my mobile iOS systems? I would really like to be able to control the volumes of the one-shots.



Version: 1.3.3-20160816 - iOS Is the latest version, it was only released a couple of weeks back. That’s just the version number, not a date :grin:


OK thanks. I guess I was confused because on the App Store under Information, it gives the “updated” date as Oct. 26, 2016 and when I look at the version on my laptop it shows “1.3.7-20180815” which I took as the release date.
I am mostly wondering because I would really like the ability to adjust the one-shot volumes independently from the other sounds while using my iPhone or iPad. Plus the new version on my laptop has more sound files available than the mobile iOS app.
Will there be an update for mobile iOS app?


The iOS version is still the older version. We are currently waiting for Apple to approve the current build. Everything else has gone out already (on every other platform). And yes, the version number IS a date! :smiley:

When you say more sounds? That should NOT be the case. Can you be more specific?

Also, HI! :slight_smile: :pizza:


Opps my bad! Sorry I thought that was the new one :blush:


Hi Ben!
I heard your interview on Dragon Talk recently and decided to give this a try. So far I really like it and I hope it goes well with my home groups and a big event I am DMing for at the end of Sept.
I am mistaken about the player on my laptop having more files than the player in my iPad. I think I was confused between the two PPT2 In Pale Mountain sets. Sorry for any confusion.
I hope the mobile iOS app can be approved soon as I would really appreciate having the one shot volume controls on my phone for the event in a few weeks. I plan to buy the Tavern Brawl soon…the Wilhelm scream will really crack my players up!
Thanks for all of the hard work!



Smiles and blushes all round! :slight_smile: :blush:


So no news on the iOS update?


Bumps and twists happening on iOS version.

Stay tuned! :unamused: