Cthulhu / Masks of Nyarlathotep New York


Soooooo, since the new soundsets for masks are not out yet and my New York Session is tomorrow I am looking for some soundset suggestions on making a couple of music themes.

  • Juju House: So this is a big occult ritual with human sacrifices, zombies, crazed cultists chanting (male) and a huge effigy type monster that takes the form of all previous cult killings, called a Chakota or Spirit of many faces
  • Dinner party: Dinner party music and chatter for a party at the carlyle mansion
  • Generic research / investigative music
  • Some new york background sounds like traffic and people

Any suggestions?


Chaosium has approved Masks chapter two so the Soundset should be going live later today, just in time for your game :grin:


Hopefully all will be well with the official set, but in the event of technical difficulties at either end may I suggest:

Juju House: Sci-Fi player’s Cultist set (for sacrifice noises), Zombie Apocalypse or Fantasy Player’s Zombie Battle, and how about the multi-voiced Shoggoth or Mouth Horror for your Chakota? The crazed cultists chanting, there is some “demon chanting” element in the Pathfinder Playtest 2 - Heroes of Undarin 1.

Dinner Party - Vyre Banquet is pretty good for all of that.

Research/Investigation Music - Temple of Urgathoa has some great tense investigation music called “temple exploration”. Travel Music has “a nervous wait” and “witchwood harp”, which are good research music. A lot of the music from Shadows of Esteren would be excellent. Trollskull Manor has several good tracks - investigative, dark, and suspenseful, that could be useful as well.

New York background noises - This is taking place in the 1920s, yes? Try Sci-Fi player’s Speakeasy 1920, or Car Chase 1920.


Hey @vassilis_stratigakis, Masks chapter 2 is now live. You can find it in the player under the prefix mon2.

Hope the game goes well!


You’re amazing thanks, Holly! :dolphin::ok_man:


I am looking forward to using the new New York set for the first time tonight but my players are almost done with New York now. Now that things are rolling again would it be possible to get a revised and updated release schedule for these? Are we still looking at one per month going froward? one per quarter? Thanks!


The next chapter should be out some time in December but at this stage I can’t confirm a date. The Masks Soundsets are big and require lots of new samples being created before the Soundsets themselves can be put together. Ideally you will be seeing a new chapter every two months