Cthulhu game set in an oil rig in the middle of the sea


So I am running a call of cthulhu scanario this sunday that is set in an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Can anyone suggest any fitting soundsets for it?


Sci-Fi player - Cthulhu Rises! for when the excrement hits the oscillating unit. Beach Cove for calmer seas. Sea Monsters for the metallic ship/ocean sounds along with storm sounds. Nuclear Submarine for inside the rig (minus the obvious pings, unless you like pings, and really, who doesn’t?). Nylarathotep for impending doom and whatnot, along with low-level tension. Shug-Niggarath if you need to bring the cosmic doom.

If you need some distorted distress calls or whatnot, Abandoned Alien Station has some great one-shots for that.

Fantasy Player - Elements - Horror for general atmosphere of fear. Shoggoth for all the strange voices to torment your players.

You could use some sounds from Sci-Fi’s Coffee House or House Party, or Fantasy’s Friendly Tavern if you have some casual interactions amongst the crew before the horror starts (or between horror).

If combat occurs, Fantasy Player has a Modern Weapons set and a Tavern Brawl set, if you need to shoot or punch some Deep Ones. If someone manages to read some forbidden books and has some spells available, Wizard Spells (from Fantasy Player) or Board Game Player’s Sorcerer or Sorceress has some great effects for spells.


Wow! Thanks for the amazingly detailed response!!!

Can I combine elements from both fantasy and sci-fi player to my custom campaign?


You are so very welcome!

As to combining sets from different players in a single campaign - Yarp! I do it all the time! :smiley:


Ben actually ran this very adventure for Live RPG Plus at the UK Games Expo a couple of hours ago! I’ll see if he can share the campaign he created for it :smile: