Crediting Custom Soundsets

Hi! I’ve found info on how to credit specific premade soundsets but what if we created custom soundsets with existing elements, music, etc? How would I go about crediting those?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for working to do this well.

Probably easiest to credit the official content that is closest to containing as many of the sample you are trying to cover as possible.

Note: by these credits we are attempting to cover samples used under Creative Commons Attribution samples in content, so if you have created content that doesn’t use this type of sample then you WON’T need to credit them. OR if you have created content containing your OWN samples utilising this type of samples then you might add the required credits in your OWN show notes.

Ask more questions if you need to. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben! I’m going to be running Kingmaker and was going to piece together some stuff using items from preexisting soundsets to fit the mood and such. Might take me a bit to record where each sound comes from but the big chore is finding the time to build them. Thanks again!