Creator running slow?


I can’t listen to samples, or make new moods. I click the buttons and the blue line moves but never finished loading. Is the creator down?
Reloading the page or closing and reopening doesn’t help.


What happens if you disconnect from the internet once the creator is running?


I figured out what was wrong. I was trying to re-order the elements in the soundset and that caused it to slow down a lot.


Hi @davinci522,

Yeah, you’ve got to be gentle with the Creator when attempting to reorder Elements or Moods. Usually give it a while to sort each one out individually before changing another (watch the blue line at the top).

NOTE: the only interacting with our servers are for: installing new content, uploading finished SoundSets. ie normal operations can’t be effected by our server being busy or anything.

Does that all make sense?

Also… THANK YOU for your support as a sub! :slight_smile: :pizza: :beers:


I love syrinscape. I was just making some ambience for a Halloween one shot I will be running for my players. I submitted it for community content too. I just wish the 3rd party API would get here sooner on the Syrinscape online player so I can add triggered sounds into my games.


Me too! :slight_smile:

What’s the name of the Halloween SoundSet for Community Content? Who did you tell? Wants!


He told me about it, it’s the one I messaged you about :grin:

“The Haunt”


That’s the one. I made it to go along with the one shot that I want to run with the same name. I thought others might enjoy it also and could use it if they run the one shot.


@davinci522 Yays! :slight_smile:

I see it now!